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How actors get cast in movies and TV shows

Do you know exactly how an actor gets cast in a TV show, a movie or a play? Would you be able to describe every step of this process including the roles of the producer, casting director, director, manager and talent agent?

Most beginners don't know how casting works and that's why they fall for so many scams on the internet. If you want to get cast in a movie or a TV show, then shouldn't you take the time to learn how it's done?

After you read my book, you'll know exactly how the casting process works. You'll know what the producer, director, casting director and actor does in order to cast someone in a TV show or movie. Just knowing that information will save you time and money because you'll know exactly how it works, and you won't get scammed again.

"Pete I feel like such an idiot. When I read to the chapter on internet casting, you mentioned the exact scam that I fell for when I was starting out. I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear the truth from someone who knows what he's doing. I won't waste any more money now, and I can't believe all the sources you list for finding auditions in my area. I had no idea. Thanks."
- Jeff Cirillo - Portland Oregon
What you'll learn about casting
  • What the casting director does and what they look for.
  • Each step of the casting process.
  • How to spot the bogus casting notices in papers and on the internet.
  • What you can audition for when you're starting out.
  • How agents and casting directors work together to cast actors.

Once you've completed the section on the casting process, you'll be able to describe the entire casting process in detail. Knowing this will help you achieve your dreams faster and avoid getting scammed.

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