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Your Acting Mentor

Allow me to teach you how to become an actor, how to get acting auditions, and how to get a talent agent.

What I present to my readers and students is a step-by-step process called YOUR ACTING PLAN. Actors who follow the steps faithfully soon find themselves going on auditions and talking with talent agents. If that's what you want to do, then read more about my book, and get started on your career as an actor. You're only limited by your talent and desire.

-Peter Jazwinski
Author of ACT NOW

Who I am

I help guide aspiring actors through the process of becoming an actor. I have helped many actors to find acting auditions and sign with reputable talent agents. I have worked as an actor, model, playwright, director and producer. I am represented by Frank Scatoni of Venture Literary in La Jolla, Californina.

I live and work in Los Angeles where run a production company and mentor aspiring talent. I used all the steps provided in my book to get an agent in Hollywood, to get a SAG card and to get a speaking part with Jim Carrey in his famous film, THE MASK.

My Book

After being involved in the film and TV business and seeing so many actors make the jump from beginner to working actor, it became very apparent that the working actors all followed the same general path. That is, I saw them develop their skills and then put themselves into a position to succeed.

I have duplicated this pattern of success in a step-by-step process that I call YOUR ACTING PLAN. This plan is all explained in my book called ACT NOW.

My Newsletter

I have been writing The Agent News, a free newsletter, for 4 years, and nothing thrills me more than being able to offer honest advice and encouragement to those who wish to learn the truth about how to become an actor.

My Promise

You can go as far as your talent allows if you follow all the steps outlined in my book.

If you're absolutely serious about becoming an actor. Here are the tools. This printed book has everything you need to pursue your dream of becoming an actor.

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