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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
A Christmas Carol Plaza Auditions Austin, TX Theater - Non-Equity 09-15-14
Itís A Wonderful Life A Live Radi.. Los Angeles, CA Theater - Non-Equity 09-20-14
Best Christmas Pageant Ever Opera.. Columbus, OH Theater - Non-Equity 09-28-14
Fiddler On The Roof In New York New York City, NY Theater - Non-Equity 09-29-14
HPAC Audition For A Christmas Carol Louisville, KY Theater - Non-Equity 09-29-14
Christmas Carol Stained Glass Aud.. Kansas City, MO Theater - Non-Equity 09-30-14
Seeking TRAINED DANCERS Chicago, IL Dance - Other/General 11-30-14
Singing In The Rain Crighton Audi.. Austin, TX Theater - Non-Equity 09-14-14
Beauty And The Beast In Lincolnsh.. Los Angeles, CA Theater - Non-Equity 09-09-14
RLT Cinderella Audition Charlotte, NC Theater - Non-Equity 09-08-14
Miracle Worker Red Mask Auditions Chicago, IL Theater - Non-Equity 09-08-14
Best Christmas Pageant Stage Audi.. Austin, TX Theater - Non-Equity 09-07-14
Casting Call For "Smokey Joe's Ca.. Reno, NV Theater - Non-Equity 09-06-14
Bringing It All Together Dallas, TX Episodic TV - Pilots 09-05-14
Assassins One More Auditions Los Angeles, CA Theater - Non-Equity 08-31-14
Twins Docuseries Reality TV 08-31-14
Assassins Casting Auditions Los Angeles, CA Theater - Non-Equity 08-31-14
Girl For Model Movie Los Angeles, CA Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 08-31-14
DOCTOR WHO 2.0 Feature Film - Non-SAG 08-31-14
Auditions - The Christmas Foundli.. Austin, TX Theater - Non-Equity 08-30-14
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